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Keep your eye on this section of the site, updated with links to podcasts and web-only content, including exclusive mp3s of new demos, live recordings, and never-to-be-released tracks when time permits and inspiration hits.

Podcasts / Interviews

Interview on the Mixtape Podcast (03/03/15)

Host Sean DeTore invites Lincoln back to the KIRO Radio studios to discuss songs about baseball, Andy’s struggles with bar-brawling, and his abiding love for Karen Carpenter. Hilarity ensues.

Interview on the Air-Raid Podcast (03/02/15)

Lincoln stops by The Air-Raid Podcast to chat with host Aaron Roden about his religious upbringing, trading tapes by mail, and ten years on the Seattle scene. Great talk!

In-studio performance and interview on the Spud Goodman Show (11/06/14)

Almost a year to the date after our first appearance on Spud’s weird and wonderful show, we joined him to chat about our new EP Pure Delight and perform the title track, plus “I Want You to Worship Me,” “Crow,” and a particularly bizarre version of “Get Paid.” Other guests include (eerily) Cheech Marin and Margaret Cho. Dig it!

Live performance and interview on the Marty Riemer Show (10/31/14)

We joined Marty and his co-host Michael Stusser on Halloween to discuss our new EP, Pure Delight, and hilarity ensued. We also played acoustic versions of the title track and “Crow.” Dig it!

Live performance and interview on the Marty Riemer Show (01/17/14)

Listen or watch a hilarious interview with Marty and his co-host, Michael Stusser, and dig stripped-down, acoustic guitar & Wurlitzer piano performances of “Bellar & Bawl” and “Skint City.” Groovy!

In-studio performance and interview on the Spud Goodman Show (11/07/13)

Stream or download our performance on The Spud Goodman Show, featuring a hilarious interview and spirited renditions of “Engineer,” “Someone Else’s Cake,” and “Nickel & Dime.” Other guests include Tommy Chong and Margaret Cho…really!

In-studio performance and interview on KZME 107.1FM Portland (09/06/13)

Stream or download our performance on KZME‘s Lunch Box, featuring “Nickel & Dime,” “Someone Else’s Cake,” and brand-new song “Crow.” Bon appetit!

Spring 2013 highlights

Spring 2013 was hands-down the busiest period in RJM history to date. If you weren’t able to catch one of the shows, here’s the Cliffs Notes version.

Acoustic Performance and Interview on KIRO Radio’s Mixtape Podcast (4/26/13)

Andy and Lincoln stop by The Mixtape Podcast to play stripped-down versions of “Skint City” and “Ron Nasty” and chat with entertaining host Sean DeTore about traditional anniversary gifts and our upcoming show at the Columbia City Theater. Hilarity ensues!

Acoustic Performance and Interview on KWVA Eugene’s “Snap Crackle Pop!” (4/19/13)

Craig Leve at KWVA Eugene has been a longtime supporter, and it was a pleasure to stop by his show (guest-hosted by our pal DJ AM) on our “Touched By an Angel” west coast tour. Includes acoustic performances of “Nickel & Dime,” “Skint City,” and “Someone Else’s Cake,” plus a quite entertaining interview, if we do say so ourselves.

“Someone Else’s Cake,” live & acoustic on KMUZ Salem’s “Northwest Notes” (4/18/13)

We stopped by KMUZ’s modest studio in Salem, OR during our Spring 2013 “Touched By An Angel” West Coast tour, and turned in this quite enjoyable acoustic arrangement of the title track from our album Someone Else’s Cake. Dig!

Live Performance and Interview on KEXP’s Midday Show (2/21/13)

We stopped by KEXP’s studio to play a few songs from our brand-new album Someone Else’s Cake and chat with our pal Stevie Zoom. Featuring special guest contributions from our friends Johnny Sangster (vocals, guitar) and Jeff Brown (vocals, percussion). Listen to the full performance and interview on KEXP’s Live Performance archive. Check out some photos on KEXP’s Flickr stream.

Live Performance and Interview on KEXP’s Audioasis (3/3/12)

We were honored to join Ms. Hannah Levin on Audioasis, the Northwest’s longest-running local music show, to perform a few of our tunes (including brand-new song “Skint City”) and have a chat about what’s new in Red Jacket Mine-land for 2012. Listen to the full performance and interview on KEXP’s Live Performance archive.

Interview with Amy Atkins from Boise Weekly (7/28/10)

In this, the Boise Weekly‘s first foray to podcasting, I chat with the ever-congenial Ms. Amy Atkins about the latest happenings in RJM-land, including our March 2010 residency at Seattle’s Hard Rock Cafe, the June 8 Round show with Ken Stringfellow & Rebecca Gates, and our then-new bassist, Matthew Cunningham.

TV Appearances

October 30, 2009 – Seattle Channel’s Art Zone with Nancy Guppy
We stop to chat with the hilarious Nancy Guppy about the newly-released Lovers Lookout, and play “The Pose” and “So Long, Radiant Flower” while we’re at it. Watch the entire episode online.

Live mp3s

Lincoln & Patrick duo at the Triple Door, September 20, 2010

the Triple Door Intro – 22 Rose Petal Place
So Long, Radiant Flower
It’s Different for Girls (Joe Jackson cover)
Lying Out Loud (unreleased)
Stay Golden
Download the full show (.ZIP file, 43MB)

Recorded live at Seattle’s esteemed Triple Door, Patrick and Lincoln do their “Porter & Barrfunkel” routine in front of a full house of kind folks eagerly anticipating Mr. Jason Falkner and his fantastic tourmates, the 88. A highlight of the year for us, to be sure, and we’re happy to share it with you. Special thanks to Triple Door FOH Christian Heilman for providing the beautiful recording.

The Round 61 @ the Fremont Abbey, with Ken Stringfellow, Rebecca Gates, Lincoln Barr, and Patrick Porter – June 8, 2010

The Round 61 Starboard Meets the Sound
Lying Out Loud – unreleased song!
Such an Easy Thing
Time to Slow Down
Download the full show(.ZIP file, 22MB)Produced by Jonas G. -

Recorded live at the Fremont Abbey Arts Center on June 8, 2010, these stripped-down, spontaneous live versions feature the talents of Ken Stringfellow (The Posies), Rebecca Gates (The Spinanes), and Patrick Porter (RJM/Explone). Get these songs and more, absolutely free, by subscribing to The Round’s podcast on iTunes.

Demos and Rarities

This song was birthed way back in 2004 (could’ve been 2003, even). It started life as a really crappy four-track recording with a really great keyboard sound (as close as a Casio gets to a Mellotron). The basic tracks were then re-recorded thusly, in the basement of Jeff & Sharon Lujin in Independence, MO, in the summer of 2004. Soon after, recording continued in my apartment’s spare bedroom, and then Steve Turner’s living room. The song was then mysteriously abandoned, while Christian and I packed up and moved to Seattle. It was untouched for the entirety of 2005.

I recorded the vocals and fuzz bass in April 2006. Everything else was recorded in 2004. Jeff Lujin is on the drums.

True Currency (2006 version)
A new version of an old favorite, recorded in much the same manner as the Starboard Meets the Sound EP, for my friend Steve Turner‘s upcoming short film Mere Sentience. Dig!

Jesus’ House (demo)
A real weeper…the first four-track dispatch of 2006. Strings/organ courtesy of an old Roland RS-09 (thanks, Jay!). This version appears on Volume 5 of Levi Fuller’s lovely Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly. A drastically different version appears on our first full-length, Hello, Old Cloud.

Hello, Old Cloud Studio Journal

Check out my exhaustive/exhausting Studio Journal from the Hello, Old Cloud sessions at Studio Litho and Chroma Sound in late 2006/early 2007. Herein you’ll find all of the details you ever wanted about the making of our first album as a real band: wicked gear lists, special guests, hairbrained ideas made reality, and best of all, inter-band drama a la that terrible Metallica movie. Only we couldn’t afford a shrink, so we had to settle our arguments with fisticuffs. Bring it, Porter!

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