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Pure Delight press & radio round-up!

Great reviews keep rolling in for Pure Delight! You can read ‘em all over at our Press page, but a quick rundown (with links) is below:

iTunes Editors’ Notes (!!!)
Blurt Magazine (3/5)
Pittsburgh InTune (4/5)
TODAY Singapore (4/5)
Powerpopaholic (7/10)
Biloxi Sun-Herald (4.5/5)

Lincoln also penned a great feature on gospel records (the weird kind and the good kind) for The Vinyl District. Check it out!

We’ve also been featured on a few recent podcasts:

Overnight America (12/2/14)
Spud Goodman Show (11/6/14)
Marty Riemer Podcast (10/31/14)

Finally, we want to thank all of our pals in radio-land who’ve been spinning the record at KEXP, Rocket 88 on KDHX St. Louis, V3 on KRBX Radio Boise, The Blue Moon Lounge on KSER Everett, and Snap, Crackle, Pop on KWVA Eugene. If you listen to any of these stations, at home or online, please call and request your favorite tune from Pure Delight – it really helps!

Sincerest thanks to all who are out there listening – we hope Pure Delight is good company this winter. Enjoy responsibly!



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