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Happy Someone Else’s Cake release day, everyone!

Starting today, you can pick up a copy of our new album at independent record stores all over the country, or order directly from Fin Records (vinyl or CD).

For the digitally-minded among you, it’s available for download via iTunes, Amazon, or any other online retailer you might prefer. You can also stream it on Spotify or Bandcamp if you’re still on the fence!

Just look at these handsome devils...

Just look at these handsome devils…

As if that weren’t enough, we’re honored to be featured as Spinner’s Video of the Day! Here’s what Lincoln had to say about the video for “Someone Else’s Cake”:

“Our keyboard player Daniel Walker described this tune as a ‘socio-sexual-economic’ treatise, and there’s a little election-year frustration there, too — a keen ear will pick out the line about ‘mitts like yours’ — but it’s basically a kiss-off in the grand pop tradition,” Lincoln Barr tells Spinner. “Given its obvious musical heritage, we thought it’d be fun to use Elvis Costello’s classic ‘Pump It Up’ video as a taking-off point, with a nod to the Stones’ Let It Bleed album sleeve (one of many references the brilliant Shawn Wolfe incorporated into the packaging for Someone Else’s Cake).”

If that doesn’t whet your appetite for cake, we can’t help you! Even if you’ve already seen the video, pop over to Spinner and give us a “like,” will you please?

Thanks for all of your support…we hope you enjoy Someone Else’s Cake!



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