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Past Shows – 2010

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11.20.10 -Shadowland – 4458 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116 – Lincoln solo w/ Brian Saunders
Setlist: Poplar Bluff / Bitter Bummer Blues / River of Coffee, Ocean of Wine / Ice Cream Tan / David Watts (The Kinks) / Me Too / Rosy Days / Grow Your Own / Novelty’s Gone / Such an Easy Thing (w/ Brian Saunders on guitar)

Always great to be back at Shadowland. I could really get used to a regular gig here…the food is killer, the staff is friendly, and Ben, the owner, is a top-notch guy. It’s a great proving ground for new tunes…bring a buddy along for the ride and you’ve got the makings of a fine evening. (Enter Brian Saunders.) You all remember Brian, who heroically filled in on bass guitar for us during a time of…ahem…transition earlier this year. Well, Brian is a fine guitarist and songwriter in his own right, and I was happy to have him on the bill.

For my part, I’ve been writing at a furious pace over the last month, so I was grateful for the opportunity to try out a few new ones in front of an audience. (I’d just finished “Grow Your Own” a couple of days before.) I don’t think “Rosy Days” or “River of Coffee” had made it out of the demo cave before, either. Anyway, good fun…Brian was kind enough to join me on electric guitar for an extended reading of Lovers Lookout’s “Such an Easy Thing,” to close my set and another great evening at Shadowland.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Shadowland’s excellent chef, Chivo, and his ridiculously-tasty braised oxtail. Brian and I drooled over it on the menu, then thought better of it (we had singing to do, y’know?), but Chivo was kind enough to bring out a taste. Just incredible. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if I lived in West Seattle, I’d be here all the time.

Thus concludes a busy, wonderful, and change-filled year. See you all in 2011!

11.13.10 – A Night for Folklife at Emerald City Guitars – 83 S. Washington St., Seattle, WA 98104 – Lincoln solo – w/ Joseph Giant & Amateur Radio Operator
Setlist: Poplar Bluff / Bitter Bummer Blues / Ice Cream Tan / Novelty’s Gone / Me Too / Take Care (Big Star)

Super fun to visit my old stomping grounds (I worked at ECG for a couple of years when I first moved to town). The newly-improved acoustic room (’mojo lounge’) is beautiful, and I was grateful for the opportunity to play a bunch of new songs in front of good friends. One (”Ice Cream Tan”) made its true debut, and “Me Too” went over particularly well tonight, too. Thanks so much to Mark and all my buddies in Amateur Radio Operator for having me! And special thanks to Jay & the ECG crew for hosting.

10.23.10Shadowland – 4458 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116 – Lincoln solo w/ Jake London

Setlist: Novelty’s Gone / Ashes to Ashes (David Bowie) / Liar’s Dice / Bitter Bummer Blues / David Watts (The Kinks) / Poplar Bluff / Me Too / with Jake London: Any Major Dude Will Tell You (Steely Dan) / Blessed Are / You Don’t Mean It (The Minus 5)

Another great night at Shadowland, this time minus the dolor de estómago. So much fun to share the night with my good friend Jake London, who really brought his A game with a set that included an impromptu cover of Smokey Robinson’s “Tracks of My Tears” and a DADGAD-tuned version of the ‘Mats’ “Color Me Impressed.” And a bunch of JL-penned gems, of course. I had a great time sitting in for a couple of those, plus Todd Rundgren’s exultant “Just One Victory,” and Jake was kind enough to return the favor by backing me on a few, including Steely Dan’s magnificent “Any Major Dude.” I played a few brand-new ones (”Bitter Bummer Blues,” “Poplar Bluff”) and dusted off a forgotten favorite cover in the Kinks’ “David Watts.” Altogether a fantastic night, and I can’t wait to do it again.

10.09.10Seattle Weekly’s REVERBfest at Hattie’s Hat – 5231 Ballard Ave. NW, Seattle, WA 98107- Lincoln solo

Setlist: Blessed Are / 22 Rose Petal Place / You Don’t Mean It (The Minus 5) / Liar’s Dice / Me Too / Bitter Bummer Blues / Showponies / Novelty’s Gone / Hang On to Your Purse

Great to finally take the legendary stage in Aunt Harriet’s Room. I hopped over (it’s a block away) earlier in the day to catch John & Johnny from the Tripwires doing their thing, impressively as always, in front of a capacity crowd. To my pleasant surprise, the back room stayed packed & sweaty, with tons of kind strangers the REVERBfest had lured to Ballard. Friends are wonderful, but playing for strangers is the best, particularly when they’re drunk, funny, enthusiastic, or all of the above. This crowd certainly qualifed (some moreso than others), and I playfully sparred with them and debuted quite a few new songs I’ve been working on, as well as a couple of old favorites. Read Erin K. Thompson’s account, or Travis Hay’s, on the Weekly’s REVERB blog. Big thanks to both of them, and the Weekly for having me back!

09.20.10The Triple Door – 216 Union Street, Seattle, WA 98101 – Lincoln & Patrick duo w/ Jason Falkner & The 88

Setlist: 22 Rose Petal Place / Nightcrawler / So Long, Radiant Flower / Different for Girls (Joe Jackson) / Lying Out Loud / Stay Golden

Wow! I’ve seen a number of terrific shows at the Triple Door over the years (including Dean & Britta, my Swedish pal Tobias Froberg, and Bill Frisell..multiple times!), and I’ve always wanted to play there. When I noticed that power-pop guru Jason Falkner (who I’ve been a fan of for years) was playing there, I jumped on it, and Patrick & I were lucky enough to land the opening slot, doing our “Porter & Barrfunkel” duo routine. The fact that L.A. popsters The 88 were also on the bill was icing on the cake!

It’s a beautiful room, the sound is amazing, and while I look forward very much to the day when we might headline this type of show, it sure was nice to play a short set for a large, appreciative crowd of (mostly) strangers, then sit down in a booth with my bandmate & my wife and tuck into an amazing bottle of wine (a 2007 El Nido ‘Clio’) and some delicious Wild Ginger food, all the while taking in the 88 & Falkner’s rocking sets. This one felt less like work and more like winning a prize! Thanks to all who joined us.

09.18.10A Terrible Beauty Irish Pub – 201 Williams Ave S, Renton, WA 98057 – w/ Nathan Wade & the Dark Pioneers

Setlist: Blessed Are / The Pose / Let’s Go (The Cars) / Stay Golden / So Long, Radiant Flower / Showponies / Godzilla (BOC) / set break / Spanning Time / Childish Things / Finest Worksong / Sarah (w/ Nathan Wade on baritone guitar) / Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young) / Early Followed You

In need of cash and top-notch Irish pub fare, we returned to the city of Patrick’s birth for another go-round at A Terrible Beauty. Despite a hodge-podge soundsystem and a torrential downpour oustide, this show was more successful than our last one (which was quite good), with a healthy crowd throughout the night and plenty of inter-band collaboration. I had a blast playing with the Dark Pioneers, and Nathan was kind enough to sit in with us on baritone guitar for “Sarah.” Best of all was the Dark Pioneers’ second set, in which they debuted a handful of new songs based on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Heavy, stony stuff – think Black Flag, Soundgarden, Queens of the Stone Age. Really cool…can’t wait to hear their next batch of recordings. Thanks to Jenna and all at ATB for having us back!

09.10.10Hard Rock Cafe – 116 Pike St., Seattle, WA 98101- w/ Nathan Wade and the Dark Pioneers (CD release!) & Lost Dogma (Toby’s birthday!)

Setlist: Blessed Are / The Pose / Nightcrawler / Stay Golden / So Long, Radiant Flower / Showponies / Early Followed You / Godzilla (BOC)

It was great to return to the Hard Rock stage, where you’ll recall we spent most of March 2010 as ringmasters of our own rock ‘n roll circus. Little has changed around there (besides the fact that beers are now being served in small, cafeteria-style plastic cups), but that’s not all bad – it’s still a handsome room with a great soundsystem, and the show staff (Kayte, Toby, etc.) are friendly and courteous as can be.

This was our first local show with new bassist Matthew Cunningham, and he did a terrific job, as expected. We closed the set with a barnburning take on “Godzilla,” then left our friends Nathan Wade & the Dark Pioneers the task of picking up the pieces. Patrick & I pitched in, though, sitting in on pedal steel and guitar, respectively. (It was NW&TDP’s release party for their new record, The Gospel of Rust, which Patrick & I contributed to, heavily). Our good buddy Toby (soundman extraordinaire) celebrated his birthday with a tremendous set from his band Lost Dogma, featuring some guest shredding from Mr. Patrick Porter as well. Altogether, a damn fine time! Thanks to all who came.

08.14.10Shadowland – 4458 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116 – Lincoln solo

Setlist: Sunny Afternoon (The Kinks) / Blessed Are / Ashes to Ashes (David Bowie) / Don’t (Settle Your Debts on the Phone) / You Don’t Mean It (The Minus 5) / Showponies / Liar’s Dice / Perfect Day (Lou Reed) / 22 Rose Petal Place / Diana / Time to Slow Down / So Long, Radiant Flower / Town Cryer (Elvis Costello) / set break / Where Were You (Vic Chesnutt) / Lying Out Loud / Starboard Meets the Sound / Different For Girls (Joe Jackson) / Hard on Me (Tom Petty) / Nighttime (Big Star) / Take Care (Big Star) / And Your Bird Can Sing (The Beatles) / Biblical Forgery / Hang on to Your Purse

A fun, low-key solo gig at a very hip West Seattle neighborhood joint, unfortunately blighted by some gastric distress. Still, it was great to trot out some songs that hadn’t been played in a long time (”Ashes to Ashes”) or ever (”Diana” [!]). The food at Shadowland is terrific, the staff and ownership are very nice, and I hope to be back (sans-bellyache) very soon!

08.04.10NEUMOS – 925 E. Pike Street, Seattle, WA 98122 – Lincoln & Patrick duo w/ Langhorne Slim & Palmer Electric

Setlist: Nightcrawler / Spanning Time / 22 Rose Petal Place / So Long, Radiant Flower / Stay Inside (Vic Chesnutt) / Fascinated

When a last-minute opportunity arose to open for NYC troubadour Langhorne Slim, we couldn’t say no, even though we knew Andy would be out of town. So, Patrick and I took the stage as a duo tonight, something that I always enjoy. As much as I love playing with the band, more than anything, it’s nice to play in this stripped-down setting…you can *hear* everything so much better, and I feel like Patrick and I have been playing together long enough that we can follow each other around pretty well. (Read: he isn’t thrown off by my all-too-frequent deviations in pitch and tempo.)

It was pretty hot in Neumos, and the crowd was a little lethargic, but we still had a damn good time. It’s hard not to in that room. Locals Palmer Electric tore up the stage after us…hope to play with them again sometime. Thanks to Alicia, all at Neumos, and Langhorne Slim (+ band) for a wonderful night.

07.31.10Sun Valley Brewing Company – 202 N. Main Street, Hailey, ID 83333

Setlist: Lincoln solo > Say You Love Me (Fleetwood Mac) / 22 Rose Petal Place / Lincoln & Patrick duo > Nightcrawler / Stay Inside (Vic Chesnutt) / Fascinated / full band > Stay Golden / Spanning Time / Showponies / Philistine / Finest Worksong (R.E.M.) / Childish Things / Early Followed You / set break / The Pose / Blessed Are / Deseret News / Such an Easy Thing / So Long, Radiant Flower / Godzilla (BOC) / Sarah / Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young)

This was our first visit to the sleepy mountain resort town of Hailey, and it’s a truly gorgeous place. Sean and all at the Sun Valley Brewery have a good thing going, with a regular schedule of touring bands and really great beer. The crowd was a little lackluster, and our motor motel was truly dismal, but this was still a really fun night. Looking forward to our next trip up ID-20!

07.30.10Visual Arts Collective – 3638 Osage Street, Garden City, ID 83714 – w/ Thomas Paul & New Transit

Setlist: The Pose / Blessed Are / Showponies / Philistine / So Long, Radiant Flower / Stay Golden / Godzilla (BOC) / Sarah / Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young)

Oh, Boise. The Visual Arts Collective is a beautiful venue and a true credit to its scene, but it sits a little outside downtown Boise (in Garden City), and it’s tough to get people out there, even when it’s a weekend night and a terrific bill (if we do say so ourselves). Couple that with Jaialdi (a pentennial Basque festival that we’re told is a *really* big deal) and a New Pornographers show across town and you’ve got yourself a pretty light turnout. Not as bad as our last show at the VAC, mind you, but light nonetheless.

Still, we played a great set, met some cool folks (including longtime e-friend and RJM supporter Amy Atkins of the Boise Weekly), and enjoyed killer sets from our friends New Transit and Thomas Paul. Matt’s grandparents even showed up! We topped it off with the traditional late-night trip to Los Betos and called it a night.

07.29.10Great Pacific – 403 S. Main Street, Pendleton, OR 97801 – w/ Thomas Paul

Setlist: So Long, Radiant Flower / Such an Easy Thing / The Pose / Spanning Time / Blessed Are / Stay Golden / Sarah / Showponies / Early Followed You / Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young)

What an incredible surprise! Our buddy Thomas Paul has been raving about Pendleton (and the Great Pacific in particular) for years, and we’d stopped there overnight several times en route to Boise, but we’d never played there before. I sure hope this isn’t the last time…by far the best show of the tour, and a terrific way to kick things off. (I can’t forget to mention that this was our very first show with new bassist Matthew Cunningham…welcome, Matt!)

After our buddy Thomas warmed up the crowd (joined by cellist Melissa Watson), we started ‘em off nice and easy with a couple of pedal steel numbers (something we hadn’t done in a while), and gradually ramped up the rock factor, to enterprising effect. The audience was generous, attentive, and enthusiastic. Best of all, when we finished things up with “Cinnamon Girl,” they swarmed the merch table! We sold a boatload of CDs and t-shirts and met a bunch of great folks (of all ages). Thanks, Pendleton – we will most certainly be back.

07.03.10 - Darrell’s Tavern – 18041 Aurora Ave. N, Shoreline, WA 98133 – w/ The Devil Whale & Jones Family Fortune

Setlist: Blessed Are / Spanning Time / Always a Friend (Alejandro Escovedo) / Such an Easy Thing / So Long, Radiant Flower / Stay Golden / Sarah / The Pose / Showponies / Early Followed You / Cinnamon Girl

Darrell’s is a proud example of a classic ‘old man bar’ (their slogan is “where your Dad used to drink”) located on Aurora Avenue North in Shoreline, WA (just north of Seattle proper). Seattleites will be well aware of the connotations this locale carries with it, and they’re all true. That’s not to say this place is without charm – quite the contrary. This place is a dive-bar afficionado’s wet dream—they’ve got $2 Hamm’s on tap, and the walls are plastered with antique beer ads (and covered with carpet!). It’s quite a vibey little place.

All that said, I’m not sure it’s really the ideal venue for Red Jacket Mine (or our SLC buddies the Devil Whale, who shared this bill). Subtletly doesn’t necessarily translate well here; consequently, our set-ending thrash through “Cinnamon Girl” was a big hit…”Such an Easy Thing,” a bit less so. Still, it was a fun night, and Dan (the owner/bartender) is an awesome guy. I look forward to swilling Hamm’s and playing guitar (with other acts) here in the future. ¡Viva Aurora!

06.25.10The New Frontier Lounge – 301 E. 25th St., Tacoma, WA 98421 – w/ The Riffbrokers & Jones Family Fortune

Setlist: Blessed Are / Spanning Time / Always a Friend (Alejandro Escovedo) / Such an Easy Thing / So Long, Radiant Flower / Sarah / The Pose / Stay Golden (w/ Todd on keys) / Showponies (w/ Todd on keys) / Early Followed You / Cinnamon Girl

It’s been a while since we had a truly stellar (attendance-wise) show at the New Frontier, but we keep coming back, mainly because they’re so damn hospitable. I’ve said it before, but if this bar was in my neighborhood, I’d hang out there. Despite a sparse crowd, we played a raging set that included a guest appearance from our buddy Todd (of JFF) on keys and an extended noise jam on “Early Followed You.” We closed out the night with a savage reading of “Cinnamon Girl” that went over quite well, too. (People love that song, and I don’t blame ‘em.) See you next time, Tacoma.

06.08.10THE ROUND at the Fremont Abbey Arts Center – 4272 Fremont Ave N., Seattle, WA 98103 – Lincoln solo w/ Ken Stringfellow & Rebecca Gates

Setlist: Starboard Meets the Sound / Time to Slow Down / Lying Out Loud / Such an Easy Thing / Nightcrawler (plus all of Ken & Rebecca’s tunes!)

One of the highlights of my musical life thus far, to be sure. Impossible to summarize in a paragraph, really, but let’s just say that spending the afternoon sharing music with some of my favorite singers & songwriters, then performing each other’s songs together in front of a spellbound audience in the cathedral-like environs of the Fremont Abbey added up to a magical experience. Highlights were too numerous to count, but I had a blast playing a brand-new tune, “Lying Out Loud,” with vocal assistance from the assembled cast. Singing with Rebecca Gates was an incredible experience. And Ken slayed the audience with an off-mic, incredibly dynamic performance of one of my favorite songs of his (or anyone’s), “Lover’s Hymn.” You can download a couple of my songs (the aforementioned “Lying Out Loud” and “Such an Easy Thing”) on the Web Exclusives page. Maya Hao Li took some beautiful photos that you can check out on MySpace. Rumor has it video was captured, so stay tuned for that!

05.21.10Conor Byrne Pub – 5140 Ballard Ave. NW, Seattle, WA 98107 – w/ Nathan Wade & the Dark Pioneers

Setlist: Blessed Are / The Pose / Always a Friend (Alejandro Escovedo) / Such an Easy Thing / So Long, Radiant Flower / Stay Golden / Spanning Time / Sarah / Showponies / Philistine (w/ Nathan Wade on guitar) / Cinnamon Girl (w/ Nathan Wade on guitar)

Now *that* is what I’m talking about! Nothing like a sweaty, loose rock show to get the endorphins flowing. And flow they did, along with a fair amount of bourbon whiskey and ice-cold Rainier. Sure, there could’ve been more stage space (we haven’t played Conor’s in over three years…we were a three-piece the last time), and there could’ve been more folks in the audience, and there could’ve been more money, but it’s tough to complain after a terrific, life-affirming set like that. The few folks who were in attendance were responsive and kind, and we reveled in their enthusiasm. Thanks to all who helped to make this a great – and greatly-needed – night.

05.04.10NEUMOS – 925 E. Pike St., Seattle, WA 98122 – w/ Reckless Kelly

Setlist: Spanning Time / The Pose / Blessed Are / Sarah / Stay Golden / So Long, Radiant Flower / Showponies / Early Followed You

Kind of a weird one (despite the fact that most of this show’s attendees were decidedly ‘middle-age,’ it was an all-ages gig…which meant no alcohol on the showroom floor…which meant that 100+ drinking adults were crammed into the balcony – and invisible to us – while we played to 20 or so in front of the stage), but it sure was nice to finally play on that stage! Looking forward to the next time. Thanks to our buddy Toby, who generously (and expertly) handled our FOH sound!

04.25.10The Crocodile – 2200 2nd Ave., Seattle, WA 98121 – Lincoln & Patrick duo w/ Jackie Greene

Setlist: So Long, Radiant Flower / Spanning Time / Such an Easy Thing / Stay Inside (Vic Chesnutt) / Showponies / Nightcrawler / Take Care (Big Star) / Stay Golden

Never a bad show at the Crocodile…especially when you get to play for 300 new folks! Andy wasn’t able to make this show, so Patrick and I did our “Porter and Barfunkel” routine, rocking out acoustic/electric duo versions of some RJM jams with a couple of choice covers thrown in. Jackie’s fans (not quite our usual demographic) ate it up, too! Thanks so much to all the kind folks who bought CDs, said hi, etc. – and thanks as always to Eli, Nathan, and the Croc for having us!

04.24.10The Brown Lantern – 412 Commercial Ave., Anacortes, WA 98221

Setlist: Spanning Time / Hanging on the Telephone (Blondie/Nerves) / Blessed Are / Breathe (Pink Floyd) / Such an Easy Thing / Philistine / Always a Friend (Alejandro Escovedo) / Sarah / Early Followed You / set break / Let’s Go (The Cars) / The Pose / Nightcrawler / May This Be Love (Jimi Hendrix) / Childish Things / Apricot Moon / Showponies / So Long, Radiant Flower / Stay Golden / Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young)

We’d heard that they’d moved the music back to the front room at the Brown Lantern, which sounded pretty good…until we realized that they still didn’t have a stage! Oh well – the show must go on. We did our best to rock a positively packed house, due to a couple of local weddings that day. Tuxedos and formal dresses aplenty, and lots of small-town folks gettin’ crunk. This was our first show with Brian Saunders filling in on bass, and he did an admirable job of learning 20-or-so tunes in less than two weeks! Altogether, a good night. Thanks to Tex and all at the Brown Lantern for having us.

04.15.10The Mix – 6006 12th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108 – Lincoln solo w/ Jones Family Fortune & Gun Street Glory

Setlist: Showponies / Novelty’s Gone / Get Along / Different for Girls (Joe Jackson) / Time to Slow Down / Biblical Forgery

I dig Georgetown, I really do – lots of cool old buildings and funky shops. The people are nice. But it’s tough as hell to get folks to make the 5-10 mile trek from Seattle proper to G-town, and this night was no exception. The charmingly-nicknamed “Dead Baby Dave” and his friends have a cool thing going at The Mix, and I was grateful for the opportunity to try out a few new tunes in front of friends. But shortly after Gun Street Glory played, the 15-or-so patrons emptied out, and my friends in Jones Family Fortune played to three folks (including me), plus the bartender and soundman. A shame, that…but we’ve all been there!

04.09.10Slim’s Last Chance – 5606 1st Avenue S, Seattle, WA 98108 – w/ Lost Dogma & Bullitt County

Setlist: The Pose / Blessed Are / Spanning Time / Apricot Moon / Showponies / So Long, Radiant Flower / Stay Golden / Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young)

Our first trip to Slim’s, and a fun show, if a bit cramped onstage. Our set-closing rave up on “Cinnamon Girl” brought down the house! Thanks to our biker friends for showing up and crowding the front row, and thanks to our buddy Toby and his band Lost Dogma for having us.

04.02.10A Terrible Beauty Irish Pub – 201 Williams Ave S, Renton, WA 98057 – w/ Nathan Wade & the Dark Pioneers

Setlist: Childish Things / Blessed Are / The Pose / Venus (Television) / So Long, Radiant Flower / Breathe (Pink Floyd) / Such an Easy Thing / Let’s Go (The Cars) / Early Followed You / set break / Stay Golden / Spanning Time / Hanging on the Telephone (Blondie/Nerves) / Something (Beatles) / Sarah (w/ Nathan Wade on baritone guitar) / Showponies (w/ Sam on electric piano) / Philistine (w/ Nathan & Sam from the Dark Pioneers) / Cinnamon Girl (w/ Nathan & Sam from the Dark Pioneers)

Despite Patrick’s illness and a cold, rainy night, our maiden voyage to Renton was a lot of fun! The folks at A Terrible Beauty really have a nice thing going, and we wish them continued success. Thanks to Jenna & co. for making us feel so welcome. It was great to swap spit with brothers-in-arms The Dark Pioneers on our respective sets, as always. Thanks to all of our Seattle friends who made the trek to Renton, and special thanks to the kind folks at the West Seattle Funblog for introducing themselves, and taking some great photos! See you all again real soon.

03.30.10Hard Rock Cafe – 116 Pike St., Seattle, WA 98101 – Tuesday-Night Residency w/ Jake London, Amateur Radio Operator, Ben London & Rob Dent (Sanford Arms), and the Roustabouts!

Setlist: So Long, Radiant Flower (w/ Ron from the Roustabouts on guitar) / Showponies / Sarah (w/ Nathan Wade on baritone guitar) / The Final Last Time (w/ Jake London) / Shoot Out the Lights (Richard Thompson cover w/ Jake London) / Wallpaper (Sanford Arms cover w/ Ben London & Rob Dent) / Track the Changes (Sanford Arms cover w/ Ben London & Rob Dent) / Stay Golden / Let’s Go (The Cars)

The final night of our Hard Rock residency wasn’t as well-attended as we might’ve hoped, but it was a blast nonetheless. We pulled out all the stops, guest-wise, and it was great to have our friends Jake London and Ben London come down and sing a couple of their tunes with us. The partial Sanford Arms reunion was a special treat, as Patrick and I bonded over their record The Twilight Era during RJM’s early days. Patrick and I also joined longtime pals Amateur Radio Operator for a blazing workout on their tune, “The Face.” Good times…thanks to all of our friends for joining us during this whirlwind month!

03.23.10Hard Rock Cafe – 116 Pike St., Seattle, WA 98101 – Tuesday-Night Residency w/ Brian Saunders & The Satellite 4

Setlist: Take Care (Big Star) / The Pose / Blessed Are / Something (Beatles) / Such an Easy Thing (w/ Jeff from the Satellite 4) / Stay Golden (w/ Jeff from the Satellite 4) / Spanning Time (w/ Brian Saunders on mandolin) / Early Followed You (w/ Brian Saunders on electric guitar)

The best Hard Rock show thus far! Great lineup, top to bottom, and lots of fun collaboration. Patrick and I sat in with Brian Saunders for a couple of tunes, and the Satellite 4 positively tore it up! Jeff from the Satellite 4 was kind enough to sit in with us on B3 for a couple of numbers, and he sounded incredible…like he’s been playing those songs for years. Hope it’s not the last time! Finally, our buddy Brian sat in for a couple of songs to close the set, including an expansive jam on “Early Followed You.” Thanks to all of our wonderful guests, and all the friends in attendance!

03.20.10Sunset Tavern – 5433 Ballard Ave. NW, Seattle, WA 98107 – EARLY SHOW (7pm) w/ Thomas Paul (Boise)

Setlist: Take Care (Big Star) / The Pose / Blessed Are / Such an Easy Thing / Stay Golden / Femme Fatale (VU) / Showponies / Early Followed You

A really fun show – too bad no one was there to see it! Our friends from Boise, the Thomas Paul Trio, played a fantastic set, and ours wasn’t too shabby, either. We opened the show with a cover of Big Star’s “Take Care” (one of my all-time favorite songs), in tribute to the recently-departed Alex Chilton, and played a Third-inspired version of “Femme Fatale” later in the set, too. “Early Followed You” made its first appearance in years, too, to rousing effect. Thanks to the faithful who were in attendance. Watch this show on SyncLive.

03.16.10Hard Rock Cafe – 116 Pike St., Seattle, WA 98101 – Tuesday-Night Residency w/ Phil O’Sullivan & Big Sur

Setlist: Bundle Up Your Bones / Childish Things / Nightcrawler / Venus (Television) / Apricot Moon (w/ Steve Norman on pedal steel) / So Long, Radiant Flower (w/ Steve Norman on pedal steel) / Showponies (w/ Steve Norman on pedal steel) / Spanning Time (w/ Phil O’Sullivan on guitar) / Always a Friend (Alejandro Escovedo cover, w/ Phil O’Sullivan on guitar and vocals)

Round 2 of our rock ‘n roll circus was a hoot! Big Sur was an incredibly pleasant surprise – beautiful, moody Americana. They opened their set with a cover of “Wave of Mutilation,” for chrissakes! Our buddy Steve Norman was kind enough to learn a few of our tunes and sit in on pedal steel, freeing up Patrick to play guitar. It was wonderful to rock the five-piece, and Pat’s Rickenbacker 12-string made a rare (first-time?) live appearance, to great effect. Later on, our buddy Phil took the stage with us to play guitar on “Spanning Time” and duet with me on Alejandro Escovedo/Chuck Prophet’s “Always a Friend.” A spirited performance of a great tune, and truly appropriate for this occasion. Can’t wait for next week!

03.12.10The New Frontier Lounge – 301 E. 25th St., Tacoma, WA 98421 – w/ Sirens Sister & Me vs. Myself

Setlist: The Pose / Blessed Are / Stay Golden / So Long, Radiant Flower / Showponies / Philistine / Childish Things / Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young)

The New Frontier keeps getting better! It was a lot of fun to share a show with our longtime friend Frank’s band, Me vs. Myself. They opened the show with a terrific set, and then Sirens Sister set the place ON FIRE. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a louder band…but they truly kicked ass. Our set was great fun, and we met some really nice locals…can’t wait to get back!

03.09.10Hard Rock Cafe – 116 Pike St., Seattle, WA 98101 – Tuesday-Night Residency w/ Patrick Porter & Nathan Wade and the Dark Pioneers

Setlist: Cinnamon Girl (w/ the Dark Pioneers!) / The Pose / Blessed Are / Stay Golden / So Long, Radiant Flower / Apricot Moon / Showponies (w/ Sam from the Dark Pioneers) / Philistine (w/ the Dark Pioneers) / White Light/White Heat (w/ the Dark Pioneers)

The first show ever at Seattle’s Hard Rock Cafe was an unequivocal success! A full room of friendly folks, and lots of great music. Thanks to our very own Patrick Porter for opening with an acoustic set of Explone material, joined by his compadre Kyle Stevens. Nathan Wade & the Dark Pioneers kicked up dust in the way only they can, and Patrick and I joined in for a handful of gems from their forthcoming record. The RJM set was a sprawling, glorious mess, with guest Pioneers on several tunes. Thanks to everyone who attended and contributed…here’s to a great month! Facebook users can check out some beautiful photos by our pal Seth Wonner.

02.28.10Tractor Tavern – 5213 Ballard Ave. NW, Seattle, WA 98107 – Vic Chesnutt tribute w/ Ian Moore, Marc Olsen, David Bazan, many more!

Setlist: Where Were You / Stay Inside

It was an honor to pay tribute to the memory of Vic Chesnutt by playing a couple of his beautiful tunes alongside friends and Seattle luminaries like Ian Moore, David Bazan, Marc Olsen, and Damien Jurado. A beautiful evening, start to finish—and we raised $1000 for Vic’s family! Thanks to all who were there. Check out some videos on the Videos page!

02.03.10Softly Now at the Rendezvous – 2322 2nd Ave., Seattle, WA 98121 – Lincoln solo w/ J. Michael Jochum (Elder Mason) & Norman Baker

Setlist: Liar’s Dice / Get Along / Layin’ Claim to Home / Me Too / It’s Different for Girls (Joe Jackson) / Novelty’s Gone / Pharmacists / Town Cryer (Elvis Costello) / Hang On to Your Purse

A very intimate performance, shall we say. Maybe it was the in-between set time (not exactly happy hour, not late), or the big Elton John/Billy Joel show down the street at Key Arena, but attendance was sparse for this one. I didn’t let that deter me from giving it my all, though, and had a blast playing a handful of brand-new tunes, plus a couple of choice covers. Mike and Norman both turned in excellent sets as well. Thanks to Levi for setting up the show, and thanks to the folks who came (and stayed to the very end)! Also – special thanks to Paul Constant at the Stranger for his very kind Up & Coming piece!

01.19.10The Lone Microphone at Marcus’ Martini Heaven – 88 Yesler Way, Seattle, WA 98104 – Lincoln solo w/ Ben Bruce & Todd Shaw

Setlist: Starboard Meets the Sound / Liar’s Dice / Hang On to Your Purse / Don’t (Settle Your Debts on the Phone) / Town Cryer (Elvis Costello) / So Long, Radiant Flower / Novelty’s Gone

Last-minute solo show, at the behest of my buddy Ben Bruce, and a lot of fun. I tried out three brand-new tunes, dusted off a couple of oldies (I probably hadn’t played “Starboard” once in three years!), and threw in a cover of Elvis Costello’s “Town Cryer” for good measure. This show was particularly special because I was able to get my good friend Todd Shaw on the bill; he hadn’t played out in over two years! Everyone sounded great, and the audience was full of friends and kind strangers. Thanks to Ben for having me, and thanks to the audience for voting me the winner! I’ll put the money to good use, I promise.

01.08.10High Dive – 513 N. 36th St., Seattle, WA 98103 – w/ Richmond Fontaine & Norman Baker

Setlist: Spanning Time / The Pose / Nightcrawler / So Long, Radiant Flower / Apricot Moon / Showponies / Bundle Up Your Bones / Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young) / Stay Golden

What an honor to share the stage with one of our favorite bands, Richmond Fontaine. Those guys didn’t disappoint, either – in addition to turning in an absolutely lovely set to close the evening, every last one of them seemed to be a genuinely great guy. As Patrick pointed out, though, how could they have maintained the same lineup for over ten years if that wasn’t the case?

For our part, it felt really, really good to get back on stage, and I think we turned in our best performance in a good while to an absolutely packed house. It was a blast to play “Cinnamon Girl” and try out a new tune (”Bundle Up Your Bones”) for the first time in nearly a year. Expect a lot more of that in 2010! Thanks to everyone for being there!