Red Jacket Mine

Past Shows – 2007

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10.11.07Sunset Tavern – 5433 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107 – w/ The Lonely H & To the Glorious Lonely

Setlist: Philistine / Blessed Are / Sarah / Kissing Cousin / For a Rainbow / 22 Rose Petal Place / So Long, Radiant Flower / Deseret News

What a fantastic show! The crowd started rolling in just a little late, but the house was pretty full by mid-way through our set, which is to be expected for the opener. Our friends from SLC, Band of Annuals, made it by, and it was wonderful to see them. We pulled out a brand-new song, “So Long, Radiant Flower,” and played the whole set with tremendous vigor and authority. What we might’ve lacked in precision was certainly compensated in spirit! A truly beautiful night…thanks to all who were there!

09.25.07Crocodile Cafe – 2200 2nd Ave., Seattle, WA 98121 – w/ Oakley Hall (from NYC!) & Whalebones

Setlist: Don’t (Settle Your Debts on the Phone) / For a Rainbow / Philistine / Blessed Are / Kissing Cousin / 22 Rose Petal Place / Deseret News

We played incredibly well at this show, as I believe the live tracks on the Web Exclusives page will attest, but something wasn’t quite connecting with the crowd. Could’ve been the huge cover ($12!) on a Tuesday night, who knows. At any rate, the attendance wasn’t bad, the sound was great, and we had a blast. Whalebones absolutely killed it! The progress they’ve made in the last year is astounding. And the Oakley Hall crew were kind and rocking, as usual. Always wonderful to play at the Crocodile. Thanks to Jim for recording our set!

09.23.07The Round at the Fremont Abbey – 4272 Fremont Ave. N, Seattle, WA 98103 – Lincoln & Patrick acoustic

This wasn’t a real RJM show; instead Patrick & I brought out the acoustic guitars and traded songs from the Red Jacket Mine & Explone catalogs with our very good friends Ben London & Joshua Medaris from Burning Rivers. I busted out a couple of brand-new tunes, “So Long, Radiant Flower” and “Stay Golden,” and Patrick played a couple of new ones as well. We also got to enjoy the poetic stylings of Karen Finneyfrock and some wonderful live painters. Everyone at the Abbey is so kind and helpful! Thanks for a wonderful night. (For more info, visit

09.01.07John’s Alley – 114 E. Sixth St., Moscow, ID 83843

Sorry—no setlist!

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Well, not the worst, really, but our maiden voyage to the border town of Moscow, Idaho, was a humbling experience indeed. We rolled into John’s Alley early, around 5:30 or so, after an absolutely breathtaking drive along Washington’s two-lane Highway 26. At first glance, the club seemed like your typical small-town bar, albeit one with a nice stage and good sound system. We thought the crowd would neatly conform to our stereotype—rowdy, a bit oblivious, but enthusiastic and appreciative nonetheless. Boy, were we wrong.

We enjoyed Moscow’s sleepy downtown before the show, tasting (and buying) some wine at the Camas Prairie Winery and having a great dinner at the Sangria Grille. We returned to the club and got soundchecked, and everything seemed great. After a short opening set from a gentleman named Simon, we kicked things off with a rousing version of “Philistine,” and everything seemed be going well, until the dust settled and…nothing. No applause, no shouting, no heckling, even! Just faint chatter. This continued to be the case after the second song, third song, etc., ad infinitum. I tried to get the crowd going with some of my trademark between-song non-sequiturs, to no avail. I even tried baiting them outright, taking a page from the book of my buddy John Roderick, with no luck at all.

Eventually, we accepted our fate and played through the rest of our tunes with little fanfare. When the music ended around 2am, quite a few locals came up afterward and expressed the enthusiasm and appreciation that seemed so lacking during the set, which was nice. Every place is different, I guess! We returned to the hotel, Ryan tried to open a bottle of wine with some needle-nose pliers before passing out in the van, and we called it a night.

08.30.07 - Tractor Tavern – 5213 Ballard Ave. NW, Seattle, WA 98107 – w/ Andrew Norsworthy & John Weinland

Setlist: Philistine / Family Man / Kissing Cousin / Blessed Are / 22 Rose Petal Place / Jesus’ House / Deseret News / Sarah / Don’t (Settle Your Debts on the Phone) / Early Followed You

This was our first headlining show at the Tractor, so the pressure was on, but we ended up having our best show ever, performance-wise, despite a last-minute scare when we pulled Patrick’s ‘61 AC30 head out of the road case and heard a disturbing rattle, only to find one of the transformers rattling around inside. Oops! Good thing Patrick’s guitar/pedal steel space-station rig includes another amp, my ’50s Alamo combo, which works nicely for guitar as well.

While the weeknight-before-Bumbershoot crowd was hardly a sellout, the room felt warm and full, not cavernous like the Tractor can be on a rough night. Our good friends Andrew Norsworthy and John Weinland (who had a gear-scare of their own, and ended up tracking down an AC power cord for their keyboard next door at Bop Street Records, of all places) both put on wonderful shows, too. Thanks so much to all of our friends for coming out and making this such a special night for us. Historians, take note: this show marked the debut of “Deseret News,” a brand new rave-up destined for the next Red Jacket Mine album. Stay tuned for more!

07.27.07 - Crocodile Cafe – 2200 2nd Ave., Seattle, WA 98121 – w/ Amateur Radio Operator & Sneaky Thieves

Setlist: Sarah / Don’t (Settle Your Debts on the Phone) / Philistine / Kissing Cousin / Blessed Are / 22 Rose Petal Place / Jesus’ House / Early Followed You

Oh, that they all could be weekend gigs at the Crocodile with your best friends sharing the bill! Luckily, some of them can be just that, and this show was a shining example of just how nice a Crocodile show can be (although we’ve yet to have a bad one!). This night felt particularly triumphant because we brought a great crowd in spite of some stiff competition: the Capitol Hill Block Party was raging across town, and Ryan Adams was making the Moore Theatre swoon right down the street! Our buddies Amateur Radio Operator and Sneaky Thieves both played wonderful sets, and ours wasn’t half bad, either! Many t-shirts were sold, many stickers were given away, many drinks were consumed! Thanks to everyone who contributed to this wonderful night.

07.21.07Neurolux – 111 N. 11th St., Boise, ID 83702 – w/ Kris Doty & Thomas Paul

Setlist: Sarah / 22 Rose Petal Place / Philistine / Kissing Cousin / Blessed Are / Afterhours / Don’t (Settle Your Debts on the Phone)

We did the Boise trip right this time, leaving on Friday night and stopping halfway in the quaint little town of Pendleton, Oregon. Three and a half hours of drive-time on a show day is just about right…much better than getting up at 7am, loading the van, and driving for eight hours straight (losing an hour on the way…damn you, Mountain Time!), getting to the club just in time, setting up, rocking out, loading out, and crashing! Consequently, we were able to roll into Boise around 4pm, have a great dinner at the Bitter Creek Alehouse, peruse the Record Exchange (picked up one of the recent Grant Lee Buffalo reissues), leisurely backline our gear, and enjoy a great opening set by our buddy Thomas Paul before having to get into “rock-out” mode. And rock out we did, despite the somewhat-light attendance. (Apparently, there was a big-deal bike race in town that weekend, and weekend shows at Neurolux begin at 8pm, while it’s still light outside, so this may have had some adverse effect.) Patrons began to filter in during our friend Kris Doty’s barnburning set. If you haven’t heard her music, please do yourself a favor and check it out—she’s an amazing talent with an unbelievable band (augmented on this particular night by our buddy Thomas on electric guitar!). Despite the light attendance, this was a great show. Neurolux is a beautiful club and we look forward to coming back very soon. Thanks to all of our Boise pals, old and new, for making it such a fun night!

07.13.07The Fox and Goose – 1001 R Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 – w/ The Foreign Cinema & Alas, Alak, Alaska

Setlist: 22 Rose Petal Place / Jesus’ House / Time to Slow Down / Philistine / Something (the Beatles) / Don’t (Settle Your Debts on the Phone)

Well, after our triumphant Portland experience, and the subsequent eight-hour drive in 100-degree heat (no AC going up the mountain passes in southern Oregon and northern California…), it would’ve been easy to raise the white flag and phone in a mediocre show in Sacramento…especially when we rolled into the Fox and Goose at 9pm, proceeded to unload, and found out that its “stage area” (just a corner of the bar/restaurant with no tables) wouldn’t be able to accomodate our (admittedly massive) typical stage setup. After some long sighs, however, we decided to strip down our gear, tone down the ‘rock’ quotient, and ended up playing a cool, low-key set to a full house and winning over some very gracious locals. All in all, a good experience. Thanks to Dustin from the Foreign Cinema for setting up the show, and thanks to Ben Hoke for doing sound and being such a nice guy!

07.12.07Mission Theater & Pub – 1624 NW Glisan St., Portland, OR 97209 – w/ John Weinland & Small Sails

Setlist: Sarah / 22 Rose Petal Place / Philistine / Kissing Cousin / Blessed Are / Afterhours / Don’t (Settle Your Debts on the Phone) / Early Followed You

What an incredible experience! This is one of those rare shows where everything comes together: a lovely, accomodating venue; brilliant billmates; wonderful sound (despite the fact that the Mission very rarely hosts rock shows); and an enthusiastic, receptive audience of a couple hundred REAL listeners! And all this at our very first Portland show? Imagine our good fortune! Given these optimal conditions, we rose to the occasion and played a pretty great set to boot. Thanks so much to Adam from John Weinland for working so hard to make this a wonderful show. We can’t wait to play in Portland again…soon and often! Thanks for making us feel so welcome.

06.10.07High Dive – 513 N. 36th St., Seattle, WA – w/ Octoberman & Troubletown

Setlist: Afterhours / Jesus’ House / 22 Rose Petal Place / Blessed Are / Sarah / Family Man / Kissing Cousin / Philistine / Don’t (Settle Your Debts on the Phone) / Early Followed You

To be quite honest, this wasn’t quite the homecoming I had hoped for, but I guess that’s what you get on a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon show, preceded by eight hours of intense driving after very little sleep. I’m ashamed to say that my perception of the (relatively) poor turnout soured my mood enough to ruin the gig…for me, at least. A number of people in the crowd, including our good buddies in Octoberman, thought it was a great show. I just wasn’t at my wisecracking, shit-talking best, and for that I apologize. As a result, we plowed through the tunes with little fanfare. Hell, for all I know, this is what our fans have been waiting for all along! (Shut up and play some music!) Thanks so much to everyone who DID make it out—I owe you big time! Come out to the next one and let us make it up to you! Thanks to our friends in Octoberman for sharing the weekend with us!

06.09.07The Bouquet – 1010 W Main St., Boise, ID – w/ Octoberman & The Econolines

Setlist: Sarah / Blessed Are / 22 Rose Petal Place / Jesus’ House / Afterhours / Family Man / Kissing Cousin / Philistine / Early Followed You

Our weekend mini-tour with our good friends from Vancouver, Octoberman, was a bit of logistical nightmare from the beginning. Our original plan for a Friday-night Spokane show fell through, which made the work thing easier (no vacation days needed), but it also made for an eight-hour drive both ways! We left town at 10am Saturday…the Octoberman guys had to leave at 6:30! It was nice to get out of town, though…the show was rather lightly-attended, but the kind locals who did show up really enjoyed the show, I think. We can’t wait to come back and play Neurolux next month! Thanks so much to Pollyanna for setting up the show…oh, and did I mention we had to take three cars??? Haven’t bought a van yet…the road is hard!

05.04.07Sunset Tavern – 5433 Ballard Ave. NW, Seattle, WA – SEATTLE DOES ELVIS w/ Downpilot, the Transmissionary Six, and many more!

Setlist: This Year’s Girl / Sleep of the Just (both Elvis Costello covers)

It’s no secret that I’m a HUGE Elvis Costello fan, so when Paul from Transmissionary Six asked us to be a part of this tribute night (to benefit 826 Seattle), it was a no-brainer. The hardest part was deciding which songs to play! After contemplating it for a bit, we chose two of our favorites, and judging by the incredible response, I think we chose wisely! We had a great time, and there was a real family vibe the whole night…lots of friends in the house. Thanks so much to Paul and everyone at 826 for allowing us to be a part of it.

04.18.07Sunset Tavern – 5433 Ballard Ave. NW, Seattle, WA – w/ Carrie Biell & Chrisopher Blue

Setlist: Sarah / Blessed Are / Afterhours / Something (the Beatles) / 22 Rose Petal Place / Family Man / Kissing Cousin / Philistine / Early Followed You

This show, the CD release party for Chrisopher Blue’s new album, was a lot of fun. After playing several cover/compilation nights at the Sunset, it was nice to finally play a full set (and get paid at the end of the night!). Though the heat on-stage was a bit disorienting (especially for Patrick, who ill-advisedly chose to wear a black sweater over a white button-up shirt onstage), we played a great set to a receptive crowd, which is about all you can ask for. It was also great to finally share a show with our buddy Carrie Biell. Thanks to Chris and everyone at Sarathan Records for the opportunity to play!

04.14.07Stiffy’s Pub & Grub – 207 8th St., Hoquiam, WA – Sativa’s birthday party!

Sorry—no setlist!

Being the maiden voyage to Grays Harbor County for at least half of the band, we didn’t know quite what to expect of this show, but we ended up having an absolute blast. Hoquiam came out in hordes and their hospitality was astounding. It was also a blast to play “Something” and “Go Your Own Way” for the first time! Thanks so much to Sativa for letting us be a part of her celebration!

03.24.07Crocodile Cafe – 2200 2nd Ave., Seattle, WA – w/ Downpilot & The Stares

Setlist: Sarah / Blessed Are / Afterhours / Jesus’ House / 22 Rose Petal Place / Family Man / Kissing Cousin / Philistine / Early Followed You

This show was an absolute blast—probably our best ever, performance-wise. We’d managed to whip the RJM four-piece into a well-oiled machine in the two months since our debut (also as the Croc) and we were feeling confident and absolutely buoyant. Besides, what’s better than playing a killer set at your favorite club in town, then relaxing with a beer (or several) while watching a couple of your favorite bands? Our very good buddies Downpilot and the Stares turned in magnificent sets as well. Attendance might not have been what we hoped (there was a crowd, but it wasn’t PACKED like Saturday nights at the Croc can be), but this was still an incredible night. Thanks to everyone who came out!

01.26.07The Pink Door – 1919 Post Alley (Pike Place Market), Seattle, WA – w/ Red Heart the Ticker (from Philadelphia!)

Setlist: Philistine / Blessed Are / Afterhours / Don’t (Settle Your Debts on the Phone) / You Must Build a Fire (Crooked Fingers) / Family Man / Kissing Cousin / 22 Rose Petal Place

While this wasn’t Red Jacket Mine’s finest hour (after spending the last couple of months fully settling into our new role as a real rock band, the mellow, acoustic thing felt a little weird…not to mention the fact that we were rather under-rehearsed), it was an absolute pleasure to share the show with our good friends Red Heart the Ticker. Their set was wonderful, absolutely spine-tingling, and it was great to spend some time chatting it up about their west coast tour and the like. The packed Pink Door bar was positively enchanted by their beautiful harmonies and telepathic chemistry, so despite the fact that we might not have blown many minds on this particular night, sometimes spending some time with new friends and taking in a great show is enough. Thanks to Chris at the Pink Door for setting up the show, and special thanks to Ty, Robin, and Joel from RHTT for making the trip out. Can’t wait to share a show again!

01.13.07High Dive – 513 N. 36th St., Seattle, WA – w/ Sneaky Thieves & Manplus

Setlist: 22 Rose Petal Place / Afterhours / Jesus’ House / Time to Slow Down / With a Smile in a Suit (Sneaky Thieves) / Blessed Are / Family Man / Kissing Cousin / Philistine / Sarah

Despite a very un-Seattle-like cold and snowy night (and a consequently thin crowd), this show was a blast. It was great to finally play with our good buddies the Sneaky Thieves; we were so excited that we decided to work up a version of our favorite song of theirs, “With a Smile in a Suit,” much to their bewilderment! This show wasn’t quite the elating experience the previous weekend’s Croc show had been, but it was mighty fine for a short-notice show on a snowy night!

01.06.07The Crocodile Cafe – 2200 2nd Ave., Seattle, WA – w/ Memphis Radio Kings & the Young Sportsmen

View photos from this show by Seth Wonner

Setlist: Afterhours / Time to Slow Down / 22 Rose Petal Place / Blessed Are / Family Man / Kissing Cousin / Philistine / Sarah

Our first Saturday night at the Crocodile was an incredible success! The new RJM four-piece (featuring Ryan Chapman on bass and Patrick switching off on guitar and pedal steel) rocked mightily, and the songs from the new record were enlivened by the multi-layered arrangements the new lineup made possible. Sure, there were a few of false-starts and flubbed notes—this is a very new band, after all—but the energy onstage and coming from the crowd was positively inspiring. Thanks so much to all of our friends who came out and helped share this very special show with us. Special thanks to our good buddy Seth Wonner who took some beautiful photographs…check them out!