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07.05.15Al’s Den – 303 S.W. 12th Ave., Portland, OR 97205 – Lincoln solo w/ Thomas Paul
Setlist: Fellowship of Hunted Things / Giving Up My Inheritance / Someone to Watch Over Me (standard) / Admit You’re a Monster / Fond of Surprises / set break / How to Escape / I Want You to Worship Me / Me Too / Saying Don’t Make It So / Round Midnight (standard) / Different for Girls (Joe Jackson) / Already Caught / Tell It to the Judge / Desperate Tormentors / Town Cryer (Elvis Costello) / Take Care (Big Star) / 22 Rose Petal Place

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07.03.15Rock for Damon @ The Secret Society – 116 NE Russell, Portland, OR 97212 – Lincoln solo w/ Fernando & Lael Alderman
Setlist: 22 Rose Petal Place / How to Escape / Someone to Watch Over Me (standard) / Fellowship of Hunted Things / Ballad of El Goodo (Big Star)

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06.26.15Rhapsody Seattle HQ – 701 5th Avenue, Seattle, WA – Lincoln solo
Setlist: I Want You to Worship Me / Nickel & Dime / How to Escape / Never Had a Bad Idea / Get Paid (w/ Alex Pinto on guitar!)

I was honored to visit the Rhapsody corporate office in the Columbia Tower downtown and play a few songs. Their social media manager, Alex, was even kind enough to lay down some tasty licks on “Get Paid”! Special thanks to Pete, Alex, Mary, and Sarah (and the rest of the Rhapsody crew!) for making me feel so welcome.

05.30.15High Dive – 513 N. 36th Street, Seattle, WA 98103 – w/ Kirby Krackle & Andrew Norsworthy
Setlist: Bellar & Bawl / I Want You to Worship Me / Engineer / Never Had a Bad Idea / How to Escape / Crow / I Feel the Earth Move (Carole King) / Novelty’s Gone / Pure Delight / Someone Else’s Cake / Stay Golden (w/ Patrick Porter on guitar!)

Super fun night at the High Dive with some very good pals sharing the stage. By all accounts, we brought our A-game, and I must admit that it felt really good up there, even getting over a cold that chose a less-than-ideal time to show up. Tonight was notable for a couple of reasons: 1) it was likely our last Seattle gig for a number of months, or perhaps longer; and 2) it was the de facto release party for our single “Never Had a Bad Idea,” released earlier this month. To celebrate the latter, we came up with our best promo giveaway to date: “Never Had a Bad Idea”-branded condoms, each with a download code attached! It’s hard to say they were a “big hit,” but we sure enjoyed it. To celebrate the former, we had our good old buddy Patrick Porter join us onstage to jam an oldie from the Lovers Lookout era that we hadn’t played since he left the band in 2010 – “Stay Golden.” Like I said, it felt good up there. Thanks to all who could make it…we’ll see you down the road.

05.09.15Sapolil Cellars – 15 East Main Street, Walla Walla, WA 99362
Setlist: Grow Your Own / Poplar Bluff / Magnet (NRBQ) / I Want You to Worship Me / Hook Me Up (Johnny Guitar Watson) / Nickel & Dime / I Feel the Earth Move (Carole King) / Novelty’s Gone / Any Major Dude (Steely Dan) / Listen Up / set break / Bellar & Bawl / Ron Nasty / Amy / Engineer / Never Had a Bad Idea / Crow / How to Escape / Kinda Kute (Joe Jackson) / Pure Delight / Someone Else’s Cake / set break / Still Crazy After All These Years (Paul Simon) / Better to Be Broken Than Blind / Broken Dub / It Was a Accident (NRBQ) / Get Paid / Get Paid (reprise) / How Long (Ace) / Never Found a Girl (Al Green) / Permit to Preach / Such an Easy Thing / Hotel Chambermaid (Graham Parker)

Our hosts in Walla Walla took the “Proper Meal” tour to heart, defining hospitality with the sumptuous feast they prepared prior to the show. When a night starts like that, whatever happens at the show is gravy. Fortunately, the show turned out well, too – although that was in doubt for a time. Our first set of the night was for a rowdy, “I’ve been drinking wine all day” sort of crowd, but inevitably, those folks decided they had better head home and go to bed before the second set began. Things got pretty grim in the middle, which is a shame, as we’d purposely planned to play our most rambunctious material in the middle of the night. Miraculously, we were saved by a bachelorette party that made its way to Sapolil just as the third set began…and all of a sudden, the night was brand new again. Thanks to those ladies for breathing life into the proceedings, and special thanks to our pals Jimmy & Tessa for being awesome.

05.08.15Great Pacific Wine & Coffee Co. – 403 South Main Street, Pendleton, OR 97801 – w/ Misty Mouth
Setlist: Bellar & Bawl / Ron Nasty / Amy / Engineer / Get Paid / I Want You to Worship Me / I Feel the Earth Move (Carole King) / How to Escape / Never Had a Bad Idea / Crow / Permit to Preach / Still Crazy After All These Years (Paul Simon) / Novelty’s Gone / Kinda Kute (Joe Jackson) / Pure Delight / Someone Else’s Cake / Never Found a Girl (Al Green)

Never a bad time in Pendleton! Honestly, this was probably one of the best shows we’ve ever played…I wish someone had recorded it. It was great to finally bring Eric out to this little patch of paradise in the northeast corner of Oregon, and show all of our friends what the full band is all about. Not the best crowd we’ve ever had at the GP, but those in attendance were thoroughly satisfied, as were we. The show was followed by the obligatory tour of the Pendleton nightspots, which never disappoint. Special thanks to our buddy Rian Beach for opening the show with his great new band, Misty Mouth, and putting us up at his place. Pendleton, we love you!

05.07.15 – The Royal Ramble @ The Royal Room – 5000 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118
Setlist: Bellar & Bawl / Magnet (NRBQ) / Hook Me Up (Johnny Guitar Watson) / I Want You to Worship Me / set break / Never Had a Bad Idea / Get Paid / Engineer / Kinda Kute (Joe Jackson) / set break / I Feel the Earth Move (Carole King) / Never Found a Girl (Al Green)

Conceived in the spirit of Levon Helm’s legendary Rambles, our friends the Jelly Rollers host this monthly event at Seattle’s hippest listening space, the Royal Room in lovely Columbia City. We were thrilled to be asked to take part, and it just happened to coincide with the beginning of our “Proper Meal” tour to eastern Oregon & & & Washington, so all the better! Dan relished the opportunity to play on the Royal Room’s top-notch piano, and we took advantage of it, opening with an all-piano set that included one of our favorite songs, NRBQ’s “Magnet.” (Royal Room owner Wayne Horvitz came up after the set and told us it was one of his all-time favorite tunes as well!) We rocked things up on the second set, and even made an attempt to jam a bit, in the spirit of the evening. Good times and great musicians all around – hope to be back at the Royal Room again soon.

04.04.15Darrell’s Tavern – 18041 Aurora Avenue N, Shoreline, WA 98133 – w/ Whiting Tennis & The Lymbs
Setlist: Bellar & Bawl / I Want You to Worship Me / Engineer / Kinda Kute (Joe Jackson) / Never Had a Bad Idea / Crow / How to Escape / I Feel the Earth Move (Carole King) / Pure Delight / Someone Else’s Cake

It had been a couple of years since we played Darrell’s, and it was great to be back. Our friend and ex-labelmate Whiting Tennis opened the show with his band, and they were excellent – such a unique songwriter. We debuted our arrangement of Carole King’s stone-classic “I Feel the Earth Move,” and I think it came off pretty good. A fun, sweaty set at one of the best bars in King County…or anywhere!

03.08.15Hattie’s Hat Backroom – 5231 Ballard Ave. NW, Seattle, WA 98107 – Lincoln solo w/ Andrew Norsworthy
Setlist: Gloomy Sunday (trad) / Already Caught / Toledo (Costello/Bacharach) / Me Too / Different for Girls (Joe Jackson) / Round Midnight (trad) / How to Escape / Never Take the Place of You (NRBQ) / Fascinated (w/ Patrick Porter) / Stay Golden (w/ Patrick Porter)

A funny little gig. Nothing wrong with a room full of friends at Hattie’s, and it was real nice to be sharing a gig with my longtime friend Andrew Norsworthy. Yet the early part of my opening set was marred but some remarkably-oblivious patrons who insisted on talking loudly (and even displaying their phones’ ringtones?) over the top of some of the most delicate numbers I had to offer. Oh well. They seemed to get the message after I thanked them for being a part of the show, and left soon after. From then on, it was pretty smooth sailing, and I was doubly lucky to have RJM alum Patrick Porter join me on a couple of songs from our 2009 Lovers Lookout album – “Fascinated” and “Stay Golden.” Even with no rehearsal, it was just like riding a bike. Overall, a good night – thanks to Kubby for having us!

02.26.15Family Reunion: The Songs of Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt & Wilco @ Tractor Tavern – 5213 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107
Setlist: I’m Always in Love / The Thanks I Get / A Shot in the Arm

It’s always a blast to play Aaron Starkey’s annual Uncle Tupelo lovefest, and adding Wilco to the mix added a new challenge for us this year. (You might remember that we tackled three Jayhawks songs last year.) Anyway, we ended up with three mid-to-late-period gems in the lottery, and I felt like these tunes really played to our strengths – both soulful and skronky. This year we enlisted the help of Mr. RL Heyer on guitar, and he brought the Nels Cline fireworks! What a blast to play these songs in front of a packed house…belting out “bloodier than blood” and going spastic on my Jazzmaster was quite a cathartic experience, in fact, and I needed it. Thanks to all who attended and made it a hugely successful night for Musicares, and big thanks to Aaron, Barb, and Leigh for organizing things so capably. Can’t wait for next year!

02.06.15Conor Byrne Pub – 5140 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107 – w/ Llama & Season of Strangers
Setlist: Bellar & Bawl / I Want You to Worship Me / Engineer / How to Escape / It Was a Accident (NRBQ) / Crow / Nearly Marjorie / Never Had a Bad Idea / Get Paid / Pure Delight / Someone Else’s Cake

Fun, low-key (but rocking) show to kick off the new year, with our good pals (and one of our favorite Seattle bands ever) Llama, and shoegazey new friends Season of Strangers. Both bands turned in very fine sets, and ours was a joy as well. Thanks to all who attended!