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03.08.15Hattie’s Hat Backroom – 5231 Ballard Ave. NW, Seattle, WA 98107 – Lincoln solo w/ Andrew Norsworthy
Setlist: Gloomy Sunday (trad) / Already Caught / Toledo (Costello/Bacharach) / Me Too / Different for Girls (Joe Jackson) / Round Midnight (trad) / How to Escape / Never Take the Place of You (NRBQ) / Fascinated (w/ Patrick Porter) / Stay Golden (w/ Patrick Porter)

A funny little gig. Nothing wrong with a room full of friends at Hattie’s, and it was real nice to be sharing a gig with my longtime friend Andrew Norsworthy. Yet the early part of my opening set was marred but some remarkably-oblivious patrons who insisted on talking loudly (and even displaying their phones’ ringtones?) over the top of some of the most delicate numbers I had to offer. Oh well. They seemed to get the message after I thanked them for being a part of the show, and left soon after. From then on, it was pretty smooth sailing, and I was doubly lucky to have RJM alum Patrick Porter join me on a couple of songs from our 2009 Lovers Lookout album – “Fascinated” and “Stay Golden.” Even with no rehearsal, it was just like riding a bike. Overall, a good night – thanks to Kubby for having us!

02.26.15Family Reunion: The Songs of Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt & Wilco @ Tractor Tavern – 5213 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107
Setlist: I’m Always in Love / The Thanks I Get / A Shot in the Arm

It’s always a blast to play Aaron Starkey’s annual Uncle Tupelo lovefest, and adding Wilco to the mix added a new challenge for us this year. (You might remember that we tackled three Jayhawks songs last year.) Anyway, we ended up with three mid-to-late-period gems in the lottery, and I felt like these tunes really played to our strengths – both soulful and skronky. This year we enlisted the help of Mr. RL Heyer on guitar, and he brought the Nels Cline fireworks! What a blast to play these songs in front of a packed house…belting out “bloodier than blood” and going spastic on my Jazzmaster was quite a cathartic experience, in fact, and I needed it. Thanks to all who attended and made it a hugely successful night for Musicares, and big thanks to Aaron, Barb, and Leigh for organizing things so capably. Can’t wait for next year!

02.06.15Conor Byrne Pub – 5140 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107 – w/ Llama & Season of Strangers
Setlist: Bellar & Bawl / I Want You to Worship Me / Engineer / How to Escape / It Was a Accident (NRBQ) / Crow / Nearly Marjorie / Never Had a Bad Idea / Get Paid / Pure Delight / Someone Else’s Cake

Fun, low-key (but rocking) show to kick off the new year, with our good pals (and one of our favorite Seattle bands ever) Llama, and shoegazey new friends Season of Strangers. Both bands turned in very fine sets, and ours was a joy as well. Thanks to all who attended!