Red Jacket Mine

Pure Delight track notes by Lincoln Barr

1. Pure Delight

A tale of redemption, inspired by our beloved drummer Andy and his struggles with that juniper devil gin. Formerly possessed by a desire to brawl entirely inappropriate for his stature, he came to me one day and proudly announced, “There’s no more anger in me—only pure delight,” and the song wrote itself. This track is a real choogler, and the bob-and-weave of Dan’s Hammond and Clavinet parts slays me every time.

2. I Want You to Worship Me

Truth will out, an English guy once said, and 400 years later, a pop singer proclaimed himself the Jesus of Cool. All kidding aside, I have always been an eager sort of boy, and it’d be tough to make our motivations (or inspirations) any plainer than they’re laid out here. A swaying, Brinsley Schwarz pub-soul number, with an ostentatious piano arrangement that is pure Imperial Bedroom-era Steve Nieve. Some very fine bass playing by Mr. Jim Sangster (The Tripwires, Young Fresh Fellows) makes it dance.

3. Crow

Humanity hasn’t done much better than the Staple Singers’ Vee-Jay sides, and I’ve always wanted to pay homage. With “Crow,” I finally had the song for it, and Maelu, Gena, and Tanisha helped me take it to church. Nashville-by-Seattle singer/songwriter Shane Tutmarc shares the lead vocal and commiserates with me about a lady I’m only too happy to let have her way.

4. Nearly Marjorie

Our piano player, Dan, would’ve been named Marjorie if he’d been born a girl, but I guess some folks are just lucky. Others spend their whole lives trying to outrun what could’ve been. Musically, this one is a mix of NRBQ and Marshall Crenshaw, with some perfectly good guitar in the middle – easy on the ears, but still some grit underneath the fingernails.

5. AM

A straight-up Carpenters tribute, inspired by our late friend and supporter Aaron McCoy, aka DJ AM from KWVA Eugene. Check out the ’70s big-room drum fills and the straight-out-of-All Things Must Pass Leslie guitar licks in the final chorus. Aaron (and Karen) are dearly missed.

6. Get Paid

A blues for all the desk jockeys out there. I started out thinking JJ Cale, and I’d like to think we got a little of the Tulsa sound on tape, thanks in no small part to Ms. Maelu Strange and the Brooks sisters on backing vocals. The basic track (including Dan’s too-tasty Rhodes solo) is a first take, but I couldn’t resist overdubbing a little strangled guitar to keep it honest. Disgusting!