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Red Jacket Mine – Pure Delight

Bill Kopp’s Musoscribe Blog – March 2, 2015

by Bill Kopp

As with their 2013 long player, on this six-song disc, Lincoln Barr‘s Red Jacket Mine is stylistically varied. Barr’s voice is the centerpiece of these well-assembled tunes, and some interesting keyboard textures (funky 70s-styled clavinet, some really well-recorded piano) plus some tasty synth strings give the disc a vaguely Ben Folds feel (minus the humor), even though Barr’s a guitarist. The soulful “Crow” and the sing/songwriter-flavored “AM” are both a bit of a left turn, departing from the group’s generally upbeat approach. “Nearly Marjorie” is retro in that “(Just Like) Starting Over” kind of way. “Get Paid” is wryly humorous.

Red Jacket Mine – Pure Delight

iTunes Editors’ Notes – December 12, 2014

by iTunes Editor

This Seattle outfit’s smart blend of power pop and old-school soul shows a reverence for the ’70s without resorting to slavish homage. Steady-rolling rockers like this EP’s title track and “Nearly Marjorie” sport a blend of good-time pub-rock and pure pop hooks that could have gotten Red Jacket Mine onto Stiff Records about 35 years earlier, and the slow-burning, harmony-laden soul ballad “Crow” is roots-conscious. Yet Pure Delight still feels like a contemporary record. And when all the aforementioned influences coalesce on the sinuously grooving closing cut, “Get Paid,” the foursome’s musical world reveals itself as fully founded in a timeless place.

Red Jacket Mine – Pure Delight (4.5/5 H’s)

Biloxi Sun-Herald – December 12, 2014

by Ricky Flake

This latest effort from Red Jacket Mine is a Nov. 18 CD/EP containing only six songs. That probably means singer/songwriter Lincoln Barr, drummer Andrew Salzman, new bassist Eric Bryson and keyboardist Daniel Walker have been busy touring behind 2012′s “Someone Else’s Cake” from my TTP 2013 list. Producer/engineer Johnny Sangster and bassist brother Jim (three tracks) complete the studio picture along with some backing vocalists.

My favorite tune is “Crow,” a slowly paced gripe about a controlling girl, which is a wonderful, perfect-world hit. Other highlights include “AM” and “Get Paid.”

The only thing wrong with this one is it’s too short, but it’s pretty cool.

Red Jacket Mine – The TVD First Date

The Vinyl District – December 5, 2014

by Lincoln Barr

I was raised in the Pentecostal church, and music is a huge part of their services. My great-grandparents had lots of weird records lying around their house, from traveling preachers and musical acts that had passed through town back in the ’50s and ’60s. The revival circuit used to be a big deal back then, and probably still is, if you know where to look.

As an adult, I’ve held onto limited-run oddities my grandma passed along, like Evelyn Evans’ Whistling Solos (wherein Ms. Evans—”the whistling lady of Western Michigan”—warbles her way through hymns atop schmaltzy church organ accompaniment) and the Four Galileans’ Gospel Fiesta (which was recorded at RCA in Nashville, and actually features Jerry Reed on guitar), and they’ll always remind me of the strange cast of characters I encountered in the church as a kid—some kind, some cruel, some downright bizarre…and some damn fine musicians among them.

While I’m no longer a believer, I’m still drawn to gospel sounds. Ry Cooder’s Chicken Skin Music and Paradise & Lunch albums (where he’s backed by those amazing vocal groups led by Bobby King) have been an inspiration since I was a teenager, and discovering the Staple Singers’ early albums on Vee-Jay (lovingly reissued by Portland’s Mississippi Records label) was a major epiphany. More recently, Marty Stuart’s Soul’s Chapel album knocked me out with its spine-tingling harmony singing and stellar guitar-pickin’.

I’ve always wanted to pay tribute to that sound, but I never had the right song for it until I wrote “Crow” (from our new EP, “Pure Delight”). I tried to replicate the Staples sound on the demo, with throbbing tremolo guitar and layers of my own voice, but I knew I’d need help to do it justice on record.

Fortunately, we found Maelu Strange and the Brooks sisters, and they brought their authentic gospel harmony sound to the record. Our keyboard player, Daniel Walker (who also cut his teeth in church), seals the deal with his brief-but-breathtaking solo on the Hammond A-100.

Our friend Shane Tutmarc, a songwriter and Seattle native who now resides in Nashville, also has affinity for gospel music—see his mid-00’s band, the Traveling Mercies, for ample evidence. I asked him to share the lead vocal with me on “Crow,” to create the sense of two guys commiserating about their hen-pecked predicaments. This is one of my favorite tracks we’ve ever done, and I hope folks enjoy it.

Red Jacket Mine – Pure Delight (7/10 stars)

Powerpopaholic – December 1, 2014

by Aaron Kupferberg

Seattle singer/songwriter Lincoln Barr returns with his soul infused power pop, a direct follow up to last year’s Someone Elses Cake. Produced and assisted again by Johnny Sangster from The Tripwires, this EP features Barr’s pub rock influences on the toe tapping title track. Barr then gives us some soul-pop on “I Want You To Worship Me” and goes gospel on “Crow,” a duet with Nashville songwriter Shane Tutmarc. The bouncing piano of “Nearly Marjorie” is very much in the mold of NRBQ and the soft rock of “AM” certainly give us a variety of styles. It all ends on the fun blues riff “Get Paid” about the common musicians lament. Very much a sweet diversion from all that hard charging power pop, this sonically cleans your palette nicely.

EP REVIEW: Red Jacket Mine, “Pure Delight” (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

Pop Dose – November 26, 2014

by Rob Ross

This new 6 song mini-album follows up the stellar 2013 release Someone Else’s Cake. Where that album had varied styles of what could be deemed as “classic power pop”, Pure Delight is an even stronger mix, especially with the top-notch sound. Quality production by Johnny Sangster brings these songs to even bigger heights and liveliness.

Guided by singer/songwriter Lincoln Barr, this now-four piece kicks things off in fine ’70’s rock style, a la Radio City with the title track, complete with falsetto “ooh ooh”‘s that work perfectly, along with the soulful sound of a Hammond B3. “I Want You To Worship Me” with its grandiose piano introduction immediately recalls a combination of Steve Forbert and Warren Zevon; “Crow” has a terrific faux-gospel feel mixed with a little swamp boogie. “Nearly Marjorie” rollicks along like a forgotten Boz Scaggs classic; “AM” is mournful, sweet and touching and “Get Paid” has a New Orleans touch – all six songs fit one another harmoniously.

Lincoln Barr is a damn fine singer and songwriter; the members of Red Jacket Mine are damn fine musicians – they play with fire, skill and a lot of heart. Plus wry humor, which makes Red Jacket Mine stand out from a lot of other bands out there. Pure Delight is just that – a pure delight. Red Jacket Mine does Seattle proud.

Red Jacket Mine – Pure Delight (3/5 stars)

Blurt Magazine – November 20, 2014

by Michael Toland

Led by singer and songwriter Lincoln Barr, Red Jacket Mine has been igniting pop fiends for the past several years now with records that draw from the best of 70s smart pop (Nick Lowe, Squeeze, Elvis Costello, etc.) without making a retro fuss about it. Last year’s Someone Else’s Cake made clear what a major find the Seattle band is. Follow-up EP Pure Delight finds the band working an expertly crafted, lovingly performed set of tunes with a variety of stylistic bents.

“AM” and “Crow” (a duet with Shane Tutmarc) put the band’s spin on soulful balladry. The groovy “Get Paid,” the Lowely “Nearly Marjorie” and the aggressive “Pure Delight” showcase RJM in full pub rock mode. “I Want You to Worship Me” is simply a brilliant pop tune. At only six songs, Pure Delight feels more like an appetizer than the next meal on the RJM menu. But it’s a damn tasty appetizer, and will definitely hold fans over.

DOWNLOAD: “I Want You to Worship Me,” “Nearly Marjorie,” “Get Paid”

Red Jacket Mine – Pure Delight (4/5 stars!)

Pittsburgh InTune – November 21, 2014

by Jeffrey Sisk

Red Jacket Mine first popped up on my radar early last year with the release of stellar full-length “Someone Else’s Cake.” I was immediately taken with the Seattle-based outfit’s power-pop sound that paid tribute to the British pub-rock movement of the 1970s.

Frontman Lincoln Barr and his mates — now a four-piece with Eric Bryson joining holdovers Andrew Salzman and Daniel Walker — are back and better than ever with new EP “Pure Delight.” The six-track release couldn’t have a more fitting title, as Red Jacket Mine continue their recent string of success.

There isn’t a clunker to be found on the 19-minute short-player, but pay extra close attention to the set-opening title track, “I Want You to Worship Me,” the gospel-tined gem “Crow” (featuring Shane Tutmarc), “Nearly Marjorie” and “Get Paid.” If you haven’t yet discovered the music of Red Jacket Mine, now’s the time to remedy that.

Red Jacket Mine – Pure Delight (4/5 stars!)

TODAY Singapore – November 14, 2014

by Kevin Mathews

Substance over form – not an easy lesson to learn but if one invests time and effort into looking for quality content and ignoring the superficial fronts music genre provides, one might be rewarded with memorable pop-rock music. Case in point, Seattle-based Red Jacket Mine and its new release, Pure Delight – six rock & soul numbers that live up to the promise of the album title. There is a definite confidence in the songwriting and recording that belies the marginalized nature of this brand of timeless music. The muse of late 70s “new wave” songwriters Graham Parker, Joe Jackson and Elvis Costello resonates strongly but more likely RJM songwriter Lincoln Barr has discovered the knack of sublimating similar influences (pristine 60s pop – Lennon & McCartney, Smokey Robinson et al) and re-presenting them in authentic fashion. Highlights include the tongue-in-cheek I Want You To Worship Me and the nostalgic AM. Essential pop-rock listening.

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