Red Jacket Mine



  • Kris Hooper
    My good friend in Vancouver, BC, who assisted with (read: did most of) the design of this site. Kris is also responsible for designing the truly-lovely album packaging for our albums Hello, Old Cloud and Lovers Lookout.
  • Johnny Sangster
    Our buddy Johnny Sangster has produced, engineered, and mixed our recorded output since 2012, and we’re tickled pink with the results. He’s worked on tons of records you know and love. Dig that discography!
  • Anna Hoychuk Photography
    Anna Hoychuk has been a good friend of ours for years, and it’s been a great joy to see her brilliant photographic talent develop. She’s taken our recent promo shots and the lion’s share of our live photos of the years, but she does so much more than rock music. Do yourself a favor and check out her work!
  • Shawn Wolfe
    Brilliant designer, responsible for the beautiful artwork that adorns our new album Someone Else’s Cake, our 2012 singles for Fin Records, and with any luck, many more releases to come.
  • Explone
    Five-year Red Jacket Mine alumnus Patrick Porter leads this stellar rock troupe. He’s a damn fine vocalist and tunesmith…fans of the brilliant melodicism present in his RJM contributions will find much to love here.
  • Chuck Prophet
    This SF rock troubadour and guitar-slinger extraordinaire just keeps cranking out records that we love.
  • Stag
    A Seattle rock alumni club of sorts, Stag plays power pop of the highest order.
  • Ken Stringfellow
    A serious contender for hardest-working-man-in-showbusiness, our pal KS contributed a huge chunk of his time (sandwiched between the Posies‘ 20th Anniversary tour, a frenzy of Disciplines-related activity on the European continent he now calls home, and a month-long South American solo tour) to producing, mixing, and playing on our second album, Lovers Lookout, and sings a bit on our new one.
  • The Devil Whale
    Dear friends from Salt Lake City, Utah. Beautiful, engaging songs, inventive arrangements, killer live show. Our old favorites, your new favorites.
  • Rebecca Gates
    Inspirational vocalist and songwriter behind the dearly-departed Spinanes, Rebecca just keeps getting better and better. Currently working on what promises to be a humdinger of a solo album (believe me, I’ve heard some rough mixes). Patrick and I were lucky enough to share a stage with her at The Round 61 in June 2010, and I sure hope it wasn’t the last time.
  • Nathan Wade & the Dark Pioneers
    Nathan plays what he describes as “post-apocalypse Americana.” Sign me up, I said, and he did. Great voice and great songs. Also one of the strongest supporters of fellow musicians that I’ve ever met.
  • Thomas Paul
    The mayor of Boise, Idaho, our buddy Thomas is a talented multi-instrumentalist and brilliant songwriter who’s just completed work on his jazz/rock magnum opus, Goodbye, Waterloo… Listen and learn.
  • Kip Beelman
    An all-around great guy and expert recording engineer, responsible for the monster tones on Lovers Lookout, in addition to platters by the likes of Ken Stringfellow, the Posies, Juno, and many, many more. Also a very fine photographer.
  • Downpilot
    Our buddy Paul Hiraga is the mastermind behind this beautiful, moody rock band, which also features miracle man Jeff Brown. They’re good friends, and Paul has been kind enough to contribute a bevy of keyboard tracks to RJM recordings over the years.
  • Ian Moore
    A damn fine songwriter and touring machine. Dig his spook-tacular contributions (vocals and guitar on “Apricot Moon”) on our record Lovers Lookout!
  • Wolf Carr Vocal Studio
    If you’re a singer, or you want to be one, you owe yourself a lesson (or a hundred) with Wolf Carr. He’s a pal, and he’s opened up a new world of confidence and expression for me that I never before thought possible. Now located in Portland!
  • Octoberman
    This indie folk/rock collective from Toronto is led by my friend Marc Morrissette. See also: Kids These Days, White Whale Records.
  • Emerald City Guitars
    The best vintage guitar shop in the Pacific Northwest! Lincoln & Andy’s former employer, responsible for much of RJM’s backline.
  • Thunder Road Guitars
    Our good friend Franky just opened his digital doors, and we couldn’t be prouder. Your one-stop online shop for killer vintage and used guitars, amps, and effects.



  • KEXP
    The best independent radio station in the States, 90.3 on your FM radio dial in the Seattle area, or streaming online 24 hours a day. They’ve been incredibly supportive of RJM over the years, so call (206)903-KEXP or e-mail and request Red Jacket Mine!
  • KDHX
    A shining beacon of culture in St. Louis, Missouri, KDHX 88.1FM introduced me to a great deal of my favorite music, on long drives between Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and Belleville, Illinois, during college. I’m forever in their debt.

Record Labels/Distribution

  • RedEye Distribution
    These kind North Carolinians (also behind brilliant label Yep Roc) administer our digital distribution. Check ‘em out!


  • Avast! Recording
    Legendary Seattle recording space (formerly Ironwood Studios) where much of our basic tracking has taken place since 2012, guided by Mr. Johnny Sangster.
  • Crackle & Pop!
    Wonderful little studio co-owned by our latest production partner Johnny Sangster. Site of numerous overdubs for our latest album, and sure to host many a future RJM session!
  • Soundhouse Recording
    The site of tracking and mixing sessions for our new album, Lovers Lookout,  with producer Ken Stringfellow and engineers Kip Beelman and Jack Endino. Fine folks and a fine place to make a record.
  • Studio Litho
    The lovely, spacious studio where most of the tracking for our debut album, Hello, Old Cloud, took place. Lucky us!